Josh Brolin Hints ‘Sicario’ Sequel is ‘More Severe’ than Original


Josh Brolin has hinted that the sequel to Sicario will be a lot more “severe” than the original.

The actor is set to reprise his role as Department of Justice’s Matt Graver in 2018’s Soldado, which means soldier in Spanish, three years after the first film, named after the Spanish word for hitman, focused on the war against drugs on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Original screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is back on board for the project, as is Josh’s co-star Benicio del Toro, and it sounds as though fans can expect a lot more intensity the second time round.

“I think it’s just more severe, man. All the way around,” Josh told Collider on how Soldado compares to Sicario, referring to both the characters and movie itself. “It’s just a bigger scope film… When I saw it it was like Sicario felt like a small movie to me, even though it was a very intimate movie. “I’ve always said I don’t understand why bigger movies can’t be just as intimate, if not more intimate. Why do they have to be less emotional? I think Soldado is a perfect example of that. I think it’s extremely emotional. I think it’s extremely tense and it deals with similar subject matters.”

The 49-year-old puts Sicario’s success down to Taylor’s script, with the cast – also featuring the likes of Emily Blunt and Jon Bernthal – wanting to do it “justice”.

Next year looks to be a busy one for Josh. As well as the release of Soldado, he’s also set to make his debut as Nathan Summers/ Cable in antihero flick Deadpool 2. But he almost didn’t take on the role of Cable, as it looked to clash with project George and Tammy, based on late musician George Jones and his former wife Tammy Wynette. However, the biopic got put on hold, making way for Josh to appear in Deadpool 2.

He will also be seen stepping into the shoes of supervillain Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, also starring Benicio.