Josh Brolin: ‘New York police officers treat me better’

Brolin was taken into custody in Santa Monica, California after partying a little too hard with friends while ringing in 2013.

He was booked for the misdemeanour charge and fined $250 (£156), but he’s still a little sore about being singled out and he made his feelings known during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday (09Jan13).

The No Country For Old Men star said, “It was pretty uneventful – I was pole vaulting down the street. I was having fun… I was three blocks from home.

“What would have been nicer is to take me home; that’s what they (cops) would have done in New York City.”

And to stress his point, he added, “That’s what they’ve done in New York City!”

But Brolin is making light of his latest arrest in a long line of run-ins with the law, adding, “It’s gotten really to the point where I wake up in the morning and there’s two cops right next to my bed.”