Josh Brolin Picks Films to Help Him Stay ‘Jacked’


Actor Josh Brolin forces himself to keep in shape by picking movie roles which require him to “stay jacked”.

The No Country for Old Men star stunned fans earlier this year (17) by sharing images from the gym of his bulging muscles as the 49-year-old prepared for his role as Marvel superhero Cable and his alter ego Nathan Summers in the forthcoming Deadpool sequel.

Brolin pushed himself to the limit to really bulk up for the part, and he admits signing on to play characters who are physically fit gives him the drive he needs to stay in fighting form.

“I was very jacked (muscular); I was working out two-and-a-half hours a day…,” he remarked of his tough fitness schedule for Deadpool 2, which wrapped filming on Saturday (14Oct17).

“I do like the gym because we’re at the point (age) now where when you go to the gym, it actually feels better; when you don’t go to the gym, you actually start to feel sore as opposed to just being healthy,” he told Today, “so I think I’ve chosen movies that have allowed me to stay jacked.”

One such project is his new release, real-life drama Only the Brave, in which the actor portrays the leader of a group of elite firefighters who lost 19 crewmembers as they tackled a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona in 2013.

Staying in peak physique has also helped Brolin put off the thought of turning 50 in February (18).
“When I look in the mirror, I just go, ‘Wow!’,” he joked, before adding of his impending age milestone, “I think I’m beautifully in denial right now and that’s OK with me!”