Josh Brolin plays down New Year’s Day arrest

Josh Brolin plays down New Year’s Day arrest

The No Country For Old Men star was taken into custody in Santa Monica, California after partying a little too hard with friends while ringing in 2013.

He was booked for the misdemeanour charge and fined $250 (£156), but his brush with the law came at a bad time – right in the middle of Brolin’s promotional tour for new movie Gangster Squad.

The 44 year old couldn’t dodge the incident during an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Wednesday (09Jan13), and so he instead played it down, blaming the media for turning it into a big deal.

He said, “I’m the one guy who’s out there and they (the police) go, ‘Hey! That’s Josh, let’s grab him.’ It was a pretty innocent thing, it was a fun thing, and the most awful thing about it is you see this (paparazzi) shot of me like… (grimacing) – they don’t show you the other shot when I turn and I have a huge smile on my face.

“And then you sensationalise it and make it into something, but whatever… They (the cops) were very sweet to me actually.”