Judith Durham celebrates 70th birthday in hospital

Australian folk singer Judith Durham gathered friends and family in her hospital room to mark her 70th birthday on Wednesday (03Jul13) as she recovers from a brain haemorrhage. The Seekers star was hospitalised in May (13) after collapsing following a concert in Melbourne, and she remained under doctors’ care for her birthday this week (beg01Jul13).
Speaking before her big day, Durham revealed her plans to mark the milestone from her hospital bed, telling the Sydney Daily Telegraph, “I’m still in hospital so I’m looking forward to catching up with family and close friends in my very comfortable room. I’m feeling great and I am committed to (an) intensive rehabilitation program.”
In her first interview since the health scare, the singer goes on to reveal the brain haemorrhage hasn’t affected her voice and she can still remember song lyrics, adding, “I was a hair’s breadth from never singing again only two months ago and I never take it for granted that I can sing at all. Luckily my voice doesn’t seem to have been affected. I can remember lyrics because my long-term memory has been unaffected. But I’m aware of a difference in my short-term memory.”