Julianna Margulies risked safety for favourite scented oil

Actress Julianna Margulies once feared her life was at risk after willingly following a stranger into a rundown New York building in search of a place to buy her favourite body oil. The Good Wife star reveals she used to purchase the scent from Rastafarian street vendors in the Big Apple, but when she struggled to find the product two years ago, she became desperate.
She explains, “I’m obsessed with this specific oil and I used to buy it from the Rasta guys on the street in New York City and they were $5 a bottle and everyone used to say, ‘You smell so good, that must be so expensive’ and I’d say, ‘It is, so expensive.’ And then I couldn’t find it – anywhere. I scoured the city; no one had it…
“So I, one day, was walking and I see this guy selling incense. I go, ‘Listen, I’m looking for this… oil, do you know anyone who sells it?’ He goes, ‘Actually, they don’t sell it on the street anymore… but you see that building there? Go down into that building… there’s an elevator, press the up button, a guy’s gonna come down in the elevator and he’s gonna take you up to this room.’ And I’m so desperate to get my smell back I’m like, ‘OK!’ and I do. I go and I press this elevator and this six foot, four (inch-tall) Rasta guy opens the door. I get in and the door shuts and it wasn’t a fancy building… He doesn’t speak and suddenly I go, ‘Oh my God, nobody knows where I am, I’m in a weird elevator in the middle of New York City and I’m now going to get killed and other horrible things, and you are such an idiot!'”
However, luckily for Margulies, the tip off was for real: “The elevator doors open and there’s like, an oil emporium with all these sweet people. I walk in – I’m literally shaking, sweating (with fear) – and they go, ‘The Good Wife! We love your show!'”