Justin Bieber Shares Heartfelt Tribute to his Father


Justin Bieber shared a heartfelt tribute to his father Jeremy on Instagram on Tuesday (05Dec17), admitting he’s enjoying working on his relationship with his parent.

Posting a picture of himself and Jeremy walking along, Justin wrote: “I love continuing to get to know my father. I love working through hard things to get to the good things.

“Relationships are worth fighting for especially with family!! Love you forever and always daddy!”
Justin and Jeremy’s relationship hasn’t always been so affectionate. In an interview with Billboard in 2015, Justin explained how his parents split soon after his birth, and that his father was “not in a place where he could raise a kid”.

Jeremy disappeared for a while when Justin was four, and the Sorry star’s mother Pattie Mallette dealt him an ultimatum when he returned.

“I remember my mom said, ‘If you’re going to be here, you have to be here,’” Justin recalled.

Justin and Jeremy have since rebuilt their relationship and have been working on things in recent years. In 2016, Jeremy hit headlines when he commented on naked pictures that had been taken of his son as he holidayed in Hawaii.

Referring to the size of Justin’s manhood, Jeremy captioned a picture of himself next to the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, “My boy”, alongside a cactus emoji.

It wasn’t the first time Jeremy had publicly commented on Justin’s genitalia. When nude pictures emerged of the star in Bora Bora the year before, Jeremy tweeted him: “@justinbieber what do you feed that thing. #prouddaddy.”