Kaley Cuoco Talks About Her Bachelor-Inspired Canyon Swing Date


Kaley Cuoco was highly unimpressed when her boyfriend organized a date at a canyon swing.

The Big Bang Theory actress has been dating professional equestrian Karl Cook for just over a year, and joined her beau and his family for a trip to New Zealand in January (17).

But Kaley didn’t realize that one of the activities Karl had planned, a ride on a canyon swing, was going to be such an adrenaline-inducing experience.

“So he told me, ‘We’re so excited! Midweek we’re going to go on a canyon swing!'” she said during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (03May17). “And I’m like, ‘Well that sounds like fun, I like a swing. That’s fine.'”

While Kaley believed she was going on a traditional park swing at first, once she and the group had hiked up a mountain and taken a zip line to the swing location, she twigged that she was in for quite a thrill.

“It’s (like) a bungee jump…,” she shared with host Jimmy, adding that she felt like a contestant on reality TV dating show, The Bachelor.

“I had to be like, ‘Are you ready to take this (step)? Can you jump off with him? This is the next step in your relationship.’ I’m like, ‘Am I gonna get the rose out of this?'”

Kaley also shared a photo of her looking terrified as she and Karl prepared to hop onto the swing. And while the 31-year-old braved the attraction, she has no plans to do it again.

“They let me and my boyfriend go together. They hooked us together and they said, ‘OK, jump when you’re ready!… It’s a six second free fall and then you swing for 10 minutes,” she laughed. “I was screaming the whole way down. It was horrible, so horrible, it really was.”

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