Kate Hudson Lashes Out at British Journalist

Almost Famous star Kate Hudson has slammed a British journalist for writing a
less than flattering article about her recently.

The 26-year-old actress had traveled to London to promote her new thrilled
The Skeleton Key, and was horrified to learn that one of the results of her
trip was a July 28th article by The Guardian‘s Helen Pidd describing her as
dull, “scrawny” and unfriendly – until “the microphone was switched on.”

Pidd, who sniped that Hudson had a head too big for her body, described the
actress as having a “reluctant, limp handshake and grumpy, yawning pout.”

She also accused Hudson of having “that slightly nauseating American habit of
repeatedly declaring herself ‘blessed'”.

And the actress has refused to take the criticism lying down, with her
representative Brad Cafarelli, “[Pidd] obviously didn’t meet the same warm,
funny, enthusiastic Kate that spoke to countless [other] journalists.

“The unpleasant tone of this article says more about the writer herself than
Kate. The losers in this story are the readers of The Guardian, for being
subjected to this girl’s p**sy diatribe.”

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