Kate Mara & Ricky Gervais Celebrate as Dogs Are Saved


Ricky Gervais and Kate Mara are celebrating after their efforts helped spare the lives of three retired military dogs.

The stars joined a Humane Society International/UK campaign urging officials at Britain’s Defence Animal Centre not to euthanize the animals.

Gervais and Mara tweeted: “Save these hero dogs!” on their social media accounts as they helped animal rights activists fight for the lives of the animals, and on Tuesday (05Dec17), HSI U.K. director Claire Bass confirmed Kevin, Dazz and Driver had been saved.

HSI is delighted that Kevin, Dazz and Driver are going to be rehomed,” she told WENN. “We applaud (Minister of State for Europe and the Americas) Sir Alan Duncan for stepping in and Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson for listening to the outpouring of public support for these hero dogs and making the compassionate decision to save their lives.

“After spending so many years protecting and saving humans the dogs deserve a happy retirement. We look forward to seeing them enjoying their new homes.”