Kate Moss and Sadie Frost Sex Scandal

Supermodel Kate Moss and actress Sadie Frost are reportedly more than just
close friends–and allegedly enjoy numerous drug-fuelled romps together.

British newspaper the News of the World, yesterday published claims
that Moss becomes wildly sexual during cocaine-fuelled parties, and has
orchestrated a number of lesbian romps with friends including Frost and British
TV star Davinia Taylor.

Rebecca White, a fashion PA who claims to have known Moss since 1998, tells
British newspaper the News of the World, “She is naturally a very sexually open
person. But, when she’s doing cocaine, she becomes even more so and will fall
into bed with whoever she chooses. Women as well as men.”

Another source tells the tabloid, “Kate was high and the other two (Frost and
Taylor) were drunk at a bash. They went up to a suite and got in bed together.
They were watching television together when Kate started chatting about sex.

“She had already been to bed with Sadie–so she asked Davinia if she had
ever done it before. They started snuggling and soon they were having a
threesome with Sadie.”

The claims come just days after another British newspaper published pictures
of Moss purportedly snorting cocaine.

Moss Tried to Seduce PA

Moss has been accused of trying to seduce a personal assistant (PA) while
under the influence of cocaine.

Rebecca White, who claims to have known Moss since 1998, alleges the British
beauty lured her back to her hotel room and fondled her breasts, reports
British newspaper the News of the World.

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White says, “I was working with Anna Friel at a fashion event in New York.
Kate was there–and high.

“She told me that she head to go back to the hotel to change her clothes. She
said, ‘And you’re coming with me.’

“When we got back to the hotel room, Kate immediately tore off her black
dress. She came up to me in her panties and started kissing me.

“We fell onto the bed together and she touched my breasts, but after a few
minutes of groping and kissing, I started to feel nervous and pushed her away.”

Moss Made Joint out of Tampon Cover

Moss is reportedly such a seasoned drug user she can make a cannabis joint using a tampon cover.

Former Babyshambles manager James Mullord was stunned when the supermodel
shared her sordid trick with him–especially as he had hoped she would be a
calming influence on her boyfriend Pete Doherty.

He says, “She once showed us how to make a joint out of a tampon cover which
was pretty impressive. She knows a lot about drugs.

“I’ve never seen Kate completely out of it on drugs. Though she gets a bit
melodramatic and stroppy when she’s had a bit.”

Moss Apologizes to Fashion Bosses

Moss has made a sincere apology to high street fashion house H&M after a
British newspaper published photographs on Thursday of the supermodel
allegedly snorting cocaine.

The UK beauty recently secured a $1.8 deal to advertise a new
range of H&M clothing designed by Stella McCartney–and the Swedish company
expressed disappointment with her behavior during a face-to-face meeting in
New York City.

But fears Moss would lose a series of lucrative contracts seem to have been
allayed with the news that H&M marketing director Jorgen Andersson has accepted
her apology and will go ahead with the advertising campaign fronted by the

H&M spokesperson Anacarin Bjorne says, “We are very anti-drugs and insist all
our models are healthy and sound. What happened is in Kate’s private life, but
we are all very disappointed in her.

“Kate has apologized and was full of remorse for her actions. She has assured
us it will not happen again, and we are willing to give her another chance.”

Moss earns an estimated yearly income of $7.2 million from a
series of longstanding contracts other fashion houses including Burberry,
Christian Dior, Rimmel, H. Stern and Chanel–and representatives for most her
employers have refused to comment on the scandal.