Kathy Griffin Gets ‘Real’

Kathy Griffin is coming back to television, and reality TV is paying the price.

Griffin will star in MTV’s “Kathy’s So-Called Reality,” a weekly half-hour show which will poke fun at the reality TV craze in a no-holds-barred comedic attack. MTV has already ordered six episodes of Griffin’s new show, which will have its premiere on Sunday, February 4 at 10 p.m. ET, following the series “Jackass.”

Griffin, a former co-star on NBC’s “Suddenly Susan,” has described her new show as “a cross between ‘Talk Soup’ and ‘Politically Incorrect.'” On the program, she will show highlights of reality programming and then dissect them with her “Motley Crew,” which will consist of a rotating group of friends, relatives and co-workers. In addition, the show will feature interviews with the latest stars of reality TV.