Katz wins war with Mouse

The head of a top media investment firm has called box office receipts for Disney’s Pearl Harbor “a little bit of a disappointment,” noting that the studio “had a lot riding on this.” In an interview with Bloomberg News, Vogel commented that Disney Chairman Michael Eisner likely is regretting having commented before the movie’s release that “I’ve been telling anybody who would listen that this will be our biggest live-action film ever.” (Disney’s biggest live-action hit is The Sixth Sense, which earned $662 million worldwide; analysts now predict Pearl Harbor will gross about two-thirds of that amount.) The year’s biggest hit thus far has been DreamWorks’ Shrek, produced by Jeffrey Katzenberg, who had a much-publicized falling-out with Eisner, Vogel noted. “I’m sure [Katzenberg] has a wide smile on his face,” he said.