Kearns disappointed Harrelson is not Shameless

The BAFTA award-winning drama series, which follows the lives of a working class family in northern England, has been running in the U.K. since 2004 and TV bosses recently announced plans to take the show to the U.S.

The programme will be remade with an American cast and both Harrelson and William H. Macy were rumoured to be in talks to sign on.

Kearns admits he’s delighted with the news that the show is heading Stateside, but he’s disappointed Harrelson has since dropped out of negotiations to take the lead role.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Film Festival screening of Honeymooners, he tells WENN, “Woody Harrelson was supposed to be playing Frank, the alcoholic dad. I don’t think he’s doing it anymore. Everything they do on American television is f**king brilliant. They have such a good way of handling and dealing with things over there and the series are amazing like The Sopranos. It’s amazing TV.

“I love it so I know it will be good. Look at the remake of The Office; they know how to handle it so well so go for it, man!”