Keith Urban Stunned by How Big Thanksgiving Dinners Are


Country star Keith Urban couldn’t believe how much Americans eat on Thanksgiving Day when he first celebrated the big holiday.

The Australian singer didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving growing up and had no idea what the day was all about until he was invited to celebrate with some American friends 25 years ago.

“I remember going to this family’s home, they invited me to Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t believe the volume of food,” he tells ABC Radio. “It was insane. I’ve never seen so much food in my life.

“Then, after the food, there was, like, 12 desserts. I was like, ‘Why are there so many desserts?’ They said, ‘Well, because every aunt and every grandma, everybody brought their thing, their special dessert, and you have to try every one of ‘em’. I’m like, ‘There’s, like, three apple cobblers’. And they’re like,

‘Yeah, but they’re made by different people and they’re all watching, so you have to make sure you try everything up there’.”

Urban and his wife, fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman, who live in Tennessee, now celebrate Thanksgiving annually, and this year the singer’s mum is flying in to help them celebrate.

Keith has got a lot to be thankful for after a very big night at the American Music Awards on Sunday (19Nov17) – he picked up the Favorite Country Male, Favorite Country Album and Favorite Country Song trophies to become the night’s second biggest winner behind Bruno Mars, who claimed seven titles.