Kerry Katona treats reality TV show as therapy

British pop star Kerry Katona is convinced living her life in front of the cameras has helped her cope with her personal troubles. The Atomic Kitten singer first invited cameras into her life in 2007, and her popular self-titled reality TV series has since featured her battle with drug addiction, cosmetic surgery woes, her second divorce and she even gave birth on screen.
Katona, who filed for bankruptcy for the second time last Tuesday (02Jul13), insists she has treated the show as “free therapy” and is adamant the fly-on-the-wall series helped her cope as her personal life spiralled out of control.
She tells Britain’s The Guardian, “I honestly don’t think I’d ever have got through it without the cameras, because it was almost like free therapy. I could say what I want – it was like my own psychiatrist, just getting it all off my chest to this camera.”