Kevin Bacon dons ugly mask to shop incognito

Movie star Kevin Bacon wears a one-of-a-kind prosthetic disguise every time he wants to experience normal life for a day. The former child star admits he had a craving to experience what life would be like without the fame he has amassed from roles in films like Footloose, Mystic River, Sleepers, X-Men: First Class and Apollo 13, and so he called on a movie make-up expert for help and has since been able to hit the streets in the perfect mask.
Bacon tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, “I’ve been famous for a really large chunk of my life, so I don’t really know too much about what it would be like not to be (famous).
“In fact, I had a prosthetic disguise made… so I could experience what it would be like… I can’t tell you (what it looks like) because then you’d recognise me. Every once in a while (I wear it)… You would see this guy walking down a street and say, ‘Boy, that’s like a really ugly Kevin Bacon!’
“I put it on one time and went out into The Grove (shopping mall in Los Angeles) and walked around… and nobody said anything to me or recognised me at all… and I gotta say I didn’t really like it, because the thing that people don’t talk in terms of being famous is that 99 per cent of the time people are nice to you; people say, ‘Hey, I love you’, and it’s like, if anybody says ‘I love you’ in your life, that’s a pretty good thing.”