Kid Cudi pushes fan off stage

Rapper Kid Cudi dodged a potential fan attack during a recent concert in Texas after shoving an overzealous man off stage mid-song. The Day ‘N’ Nite hitmaker was performing his song Cudi Zone in Houston last week (begs14Oct13), when a fan stormed the stage.
Cudi took charge of the situation and pushed the man back into the audience, yelling, “Not on my watch!”
Explaining his actions in a tweet on 16 October (13), the performer appeared to reference the incident, writing, “HOUSTON I HAD AN AMAZING TIME WITH U. BULLS**T ASIDE, THIS NIGHT DEF (sic) GOES DOWN IN THE BOOKS! LOVE U (sic) ALL OF COURSE 🙂 SHINE ON”.
This isn’t the first incident between Cudi and a fan – in 2009 he punched someone who tossed a wallet onto the stage.