Kidman fears alleged stalker

Actress Nicole Kidman filed a temporary restraining order on Monday to protect her and her two children, Isabella and Conor, from an alleged stalker, according to the New York Daily News. In the petition, Kidman alleges that Matthew E. Hooker, 40, “has come to my home on numerous occasions” and “threatened to commit acts of violence.” Hooker allegedly tried to reach the actress through her management, saying he had an “urgent and important message for Nicole,” said the petition, which was filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court. In an Internet declaration to Kidman on his Web site, Hooker wrote that Kidman would not “find a more wonderful man, a better soul-mate, or a better husband,” the petition said. The New York Daily News also reports that the stalker would not leave the property. A police officer who came to Kidman‘s home, said Hooker was probably “mentally unstable and advised that a restraining order was necessary,” Kidman alleged.