Kidman wanted to walk away from “The Others”

Nicole Kidman has revealed that she desperately tried to convince Miramax to let her out of her contract to appear in The Others.

Appearing Tuesday on the British morning news show BBC Breakfast, Kidman said, “When I got there and was just about to start rehearsals I really didn’t want to do it. …My whole being, my whole psyche was rejecting it, and I was desperate to try to get out of it — I begged them to let me out.”

Kidman insisted that the fact that ex-husband Tom Cruise was co-producing the horror film had nothing to do with her attitude. She had just finished filming Moulin Rouge, she observed, and “I was so involved in that, with stars in my eyes, and all I wanted to do was make love stories and musicals and be happy.”

As of last weekend, The Others had earned $96 million at the domestic box office in 11 weeks, about twice what Moulin Rouge earned.