‘Killing Fields’ Conviction Reinstated

A U.S. court reinstated the convictions of three men July 7, who have been
imprisoned for murdering Oscar-winning actor Haing Ngor in 1996.

The three presiding judges at the Court of Appeals in San Francisco,
California over-turned a 2004 Federal Court decision to quash the convictions
following complaints from defendants Tak Sun Tan, Indra Lim and Jason Feng Chan
that the prosecution had been dishonest during their original trial.

Ngor, who endured life in Cambodia’s horrific Khmer Rouge camps in the 1970s,
won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award in 1985 for his role as journalist
Dith Pran in The Killing Fields.

Lawyers for the three men argued that the prosecution unfairly portrayed
Ngor’s treatment in his homeland, and the contention he died to save a gold
locket containing his only picture of his dead wife Huoy.

But the judges said, “We regard this issue as a failed attempt to make
something out of nothing. It boils down to tempest over the meaning of a

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