Kitsch has groin scars from John Carter’s painful leaping stunts

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star endured a gruelling exercise regime and tough diet for four months before shooting began, but he was still not prepared for the rigorous stunt work he had to complete to play a former military captain who is transported to Mars.

Kitsch admits the scenes depicting his character leaping around on Mars were particularly hard on his body – and he grew to hate the safety harness he had to wear because it ended up cutting into his thighs and groin.

He tells the New York Daily News, “I’ve got the groin scars to prove it. To say the least it was insane… It was like you open that trailer door at seven in the morning to get your day started and the first thing you see is that harness staring back at you. Nothing puts you more in the moment than being tugged f**king 80 miles an hour up and then (dumped) into free fall for three or four seconds.”

And Kitsch struggled to maintain his strength throughout the shoot.

He adds, “I just remember one day, I literally was so exhausted, I couldn’t walk to set and it was probably a hundred yards away. It was up a small hill, and I couldn’t walk up there, and I had to get a little cart to take me up there.”

The groin scars aren’t Kitsch’s only lasting memory from the film – he also suffered a bloody slash to the chest during a battle scene.