Kitsch suffered bloody cut filming John Carter

The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star plays the title character, a former military captain who is transported to Mars, in the sci-fi epic, and he admits one particular stunt left him rather bloody.

He tells WENN, “I cut my chest real well on… one of these air ships because they have all this armour which literally stuck into my chest and cut it quite intensely. I was leaking pretty good!”

And it wasn’t Kitsch’s only injury – cameras also had to stop rolling when the actor, who was already struggling with another ailment, fell awkwardly on his arm during a shoot in Lake Powell, Utah.

He says, “I started with a high ankle sprain which was tough with the jumps. Bizarre things happened, little things like (computer-generated imagery character) Woola jumping on me and obviously there’s no Woola so you throw yourself onto the ground. We were on a live setting on Lake Powell so it was on a rock. I threw myself down and my arm went numb for like an hour. So were all chilling waiting for my arm to denumb (sic)!”