Kodaline frontman’s tour accident premonition came true

Kodaline frontman Steve Garrigan had a premonition of a tour bus accident just moments before the coach he was travelling in smashed into a wild deer. The High Hopes hitmakers escaped the incident unharmed, and Garrigan remains mystified by his spooky vision of the future.
He tells Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “Strange things happen on tour buses. We were driving down a country lane once and I said, ‘Imagine if a deer jumped in front of us’. Then within seconds a deer jumped out in front of us and we killed it. For the next few weeks we banned ourselves from all premonitions.”
The experience also prompted the musicians to re-evaluate their plans for a pet mascot. Garrigan adds, “We were going to get a goldfish for the tour bus, but we’d have to get it a seat belt.”