Kony 2012 sequel released

The documentarian, who is a co-founder of the group and narrated the original film, hit the headlines last month (Mar12) when he was arrested for public drunkenness and indecency in San Diego, California – and he is currently seeking help after being diagnosed with brief psychosis.

Charity bosses and his family insist the public acclaim and pressure placed on Russell following the success of his call-to-arms video, which exposed the brutality of Uganda’s Lords Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, was too much for the filmmaker to cope with.

Now, as Invisible Children officials prepare for their 20 April (12) Cover The Night event – when supporters around the world will post up billboards and stickers featuring Kony’s face – they have boosted the international hunt for the brutal rebel leader by releasing a second Kony 2012 film online.

The new video addresses criticisms fired at the non-profit organisation in recent weeks since the release of the original, which was viewed over 100 million times on YouTube.com.

Embattled Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey reveals the new video was made to answer questions fired at him by supporters and critics alike.

It also features a new plea for viewers to urge politicians to push for Kony’s arrest and then volunteer on 20 April for the planned day of action.