Kristen Bell filmed sex scene with best friend’s husband on wedding day

Kristen Bell marked her low-key wedding with Dax Shepard last month (16Oct13) by filming a love scene with her best friend’s husband. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star secretly tied the knot with her beau of six years in a spontaneous ceremony at a Beverly Hills, California courthouse – a wedding so small it only cost $142 (£88) and Bell’s best friend, Amy Russell, was the only person on hand to serve as a witness.
In an interview with U.S. talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday (26Nov13), Bell recalled their big day ended with her shooting love scenes for her TV series House of Lies – with Russell’s real life husband.
Bell explained, “The interesting thing about that is her husband is an actor, Ryan Hansen, and I was going to work later that day and had a fairly intimate scene with him. So when I left my wedding I said to my best friend, ‘Thanks for witnessing my wedding, I’m going to make pretend love to your husband… and I did.”
When asked if Shepard ever gets jealous of her intimate scenes with her on-screen paramours, she admits, “He’s surprisingly not jealous. He’s so open and honest and wants to talk about everything. He’s like a girl. No, he’s super trusting and trustworthy. He could care less (sic).”
Bell and Hansen also worked together on cult TV show Veronica Mars, and both will star in the fan-funded big screen adaptation of the series, which is due out next spring (14).