Kristen Stewart Urges Peers to Recognize Sexual Harassment on ‘Every Level’


Kristen Stewart has urged her peers to be aware of sexual harassment “on every level” in Hollywood.

The topic has become a much talked about subject since an expose was published alleging that movie producer Harvey Weinstein had harassed and abused women over a three-decade period. Since the piece went public, stars including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale have come forward with their own tales of their experiences with Weinstein.

It was the subject of the night at the Elle Women in Hollywood event on Monday (16Oct17), with Reese Witherspoon going public with her experience of sexual assault, while Jennifer Lawrence recalled a humiliating “nude line-up” she’d been forced to take part in when starting out in the industry.

But as she took to the stage to introduce her friend and honoree Riley Keough, Twilight star Kristen did her best to emphasize that it’s not just actresses that are affected by sexual abuse.

“We can all be proud of that notion and perpetuate it by saying, ‘We’ve got you – affirmatively.’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved make-up artists – because it trickled down, too – and camera assistants from DPs (director of photography) who are like, ‘woo woo.’ It happens on lesser states as well,” she said. “And when I say saved, I mean momentarily been like, ‘Don’t, f**ker!’ And they are embarrassed for one second but it just keeps going every single day. So I’d say let’s be aware of this on every level. Those girls are as duct-taped as one could possibly be because they are in fear of getting their next job, as is every actress, too, same deal.”

Kristen also briefly touched on the Weinstein scandal, labelling the disgraced mogul a “mother f**ker”.