Kristin Bauer van Straten falls sick ahead of Kenya trip

The True Blood star is producing a film called Out of Africa with her husband, South African musician Abri van Straten, and they left the U.S. on Thursday (23Aug12) to begin shooting the project in Africa.

But Bauer van Straten has been left feeling sick as a result of the malaria tablets she’s had to take to decrease her risk of catching the potentially deadly disease.

In a post on Thursday, she writes, “I’m off to Kenya to film my Doc (sic). Haven’t slept much in days, sick on malaria meds (medication)…this doesn’t feel as glamorous as it should”.

The couple launched a public appeal for donations online to help fund the anti-hunting film and the stars managed to raise just under $65,000 (£40,625) within a month to aid their campaign.