Kristin Chenoweth’s doctor found a crystal in her ear

Singer/actress Kristin Chenoweth was left stunned after learning she had a crystal in her inner ear during a visit to her doctor. The Glee star suffers from Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder that can affect hearing and balance, and reveals her physician discovered the unusual object during one of her check-ups.
In an interview with U.S. talk show host Jay Leno, she explains, “So I went to the inner ear doctor, sometimes they do these manoeuvres where they throw you into these positions to get these little bones out of your scotch tape. Basically, your inner ear is like scotch tape and you know how things get attached and then they fall off and your scotch tape gets a little dull, that’s what I have inside my head…
“What he does is stick this little, tiny camera down your ear and on this TV screen on the wall, you can see what’s in your ear. (Then), he’ll take a little vacuum and suck things out and I saw on the wall and he said, ‘Kristin, this is a lot of debris’ and I said, ‘I know, I know.’ He went in and started getting everything out and all of a sudden we look and through the fog of all the other debris… he says, ‘What is that?’ and I say, ‘What is that?’ and he said, ‘It’s shiny…’ (and) I said, ‘It’s pink.’ He said, ‘Be very still, I can’t get it with this vacuum, I’m going to have to get tongs.’ He went in there, he pulled it, it was a bedazzle (jewel).”
Chenoweth was even able to verify the crystal came from her sparkly cell phone case.
She explains, “He goes, ‘Is that from a costume?’ and I said, ‘I think it’s from my phone.’ I pulled out my phone and there was a bedazzle missing. He said he never seen that in his career.”