KT Tunstall finds biological father with TV experts’ help

Scottish singer Kt Tunstall has discovered she has two half-sisters after tracking down her biological father on British genealogy show Long Lost Family.
The Suddenly I See hitmaker was adopted as a baby, and although she reconnected with her birth mother, Carol Ann, in 1998, she had never met her dad, Michael, until she was invited to retrace her roots on the U.K. series.
Tunstall admits she was a little hesitant about the premise at first as she hadn’t watched much TV in almost two decades, and she was concerned producers were simply after family drama for good ratings.
“I was totally not aware, really, of many programmes that are… these kinds of real-life programmes,” she explained, according to the Press Association. “And obviously the worry is, what’s the agenda here? Are they wanting some sort of salacious, crazy, Jeremy Kyle-style (scandalous talk show) nightmare scenario that is going to get everyone watching?”
However, she subsequently discovered Long Lost Family wasn’t like that at all: “It became absolutely apparent very quickly that this was a very emotionally mature, very experienced team who literally just want to find family members, put them together in the safest and most positive possible way,” Tunstall shared. “So that was sorted out really quickly and after I realised that it was like, ‘Yeah, no-brainer’.”
The musician, the first celebrity to feature on Long Lost Family, helped ancestry experts narrow down their search for her dad by giving them information she had gleaned from Carol Ann about him, explaining he hailed from Northern Ireland and settled in Scotland, where the former couple met while working in a bar.
Tunstall revealed Carol Ann had always spoken highly of her ex, who had been keen to keep KT and raise the child together, so reuniting after so many years was extremely emotional for both father and daughter – especially as the star was introduced to two half-sisters, Siobhan and Lesley-Anne, who never knew she existed.
“I think our father had found it very difficult that he wasn’t able to bring me up and be my father and I think there was some guilt and shame associated with that, so he obviously made the decision to not tell his family about it,” the singer said.
Fans will be able to watch the family reunion unfold when her episode of Long Lost Family airs next week (begs01Jul19), and Tunstall, who turned 44 on Sunday (23Jun19), cannot wait to share her history with viewers.
Posting a photo of herself with her new siblings on Instagram, she writes: “Well…wow. I’ve been preparing for the day this was ready to share, and…here it is! I took a leap of faith & let the @longlostfamily team take me on the most extraordinary adventure… Tune in at 9pm BST on 1st July @itv to watch my life change FOREVER!!”