Lady Gaga marks World Kindness Day by visiting wildfire evacuees


Lady Gaga celebrated World Kindness Day on Tuesday (13Nov18) by bringing pizza and gift cards to wildfire evacuees staying in a shelter.

The Poker Face singer, who was recently evacuated from her Malibu home due to the Woolsey Fire, started the day by posting a video in which she asked her fans to mark her “favorite day of the year” by carrying out one act of kindness, and later explained that her act would be a visit to a Red Cross shelter.

“I’m on my way now to a shelter in California to be with people who have evacuated their homes,” she explained while riding in a car. “It’s one of my acts of kindness for today and I encourage you to do the same. Be kind.”

Gaga, who was wearing a casual blue jumper, black jeans, aviator sunglasses and a baseball cap emblazoned with the word “Malibu”, shared a snap of herself carrying a stack of pizza boxes, and explained in the caption: “Fresh hot pizza, coffee and gift cards for the shelter.”

The 32-year-old also posted an image of her posing with volunteers and another of her standing in front of a map showing the perimeter of the Woolsey Fire.

“All we have is each other. Kindness makes the world go round,” she wrote across the captions. “Thank you to the Red Cross for all you are doing to provide shelter, love and mental health support to the people of California.”

The Born This Way star previously visited a Red Cross shelter on Sunday, when she sang to evacuees, gave a speech and posed for photos. She was one of many celebrities who was forced to flee their homes due to the fire on Friday.

So far, 48 people have been killed in the California wildfires.