Lady Gaga’s struggled with sadness after shooting to fame too fast

Singer Lady Gaga struggled with sadness and insecurity while recording her 2011 album Born This Way, after shooting to fame too fast. The pop superstar admits she was in a dark place as she recorded tracks for the album, but her new release ARTPOP is a testament of how happy her life has become since.
In an interview with Good Morning America, she says, “I was actually going through a hard time during Born This Way and I was kind of insecure. I became a star really quickly and I didn’t really have time to put my feet in the ground and have a sense of myself through it all because it really is a machine and you just keep going…
“So there was a lot of me putting things on to hide that sadness and the record reflected that, but I’m feeling so positive and healed in a lot of ways and I feel really overjoyed and loved. I’m obsessed with making things colourful and happy, I think it’s because I’m in a happy place. If I’m in a happy place then the music is.”