Lamas: ‘Dr. Ryan wanted to make me the next Heidi Montag’

The Bachelor star, who is the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, consulted Dr. Ryan last year (09) when she decided it was time for a boob boost – and was horrified when the surgeon suggested an extensive makeover.

Lamas initially signed up for the $70,000 (GBP46,600) treatment but called it off after Montag went under the doctor’s knife for 10 major cosmetic makeovers in the same day.

The blonde tells In Touch magazine, “Dr. Ryan was a family friend. I went to see him because I wanted a boob job, but he ended up telling me that I needed about $70,000 worth of work – thigh lipo, a butt lift, basically a whole body makeover – to turn me into the perfect Barbie doll. But I didn’t want to be a Barbie doll.”

And she cancelled her appointment with Ryan a week after Montag went went public with her surgery details.

Lamas adds, “It was absurd and I felt sick. She’s my age, and it was the same breakdown of what he wanted me to do. I was disturbed by it.

“I think it was very irresponsible of him to do that. I’m reluctant to say that now that he’s resting in peace, but that’s how I feel.”

Dr. Ryan died in a car accident last month (Aug10).

Last week (ends27Aug10) Montag went public with her regrets about the massive surgery she underwent, confessing she’s tired of her big boobs and fears her new nose may fall off at any minute.