Lance Bass Cleared for Russian Space Flight

It looks as though boy-band member Lance Bass may really be going from ‘N Sync to outer space. Bass told The Associated Press Friday that Russian doctors have cleared him for a flight aboard a Russian rocket to the International Space Station.

Bass, 23, underwent a surgical procedure in a Los Angeles hospital a few weeks ago to correct an irregular heartbeat, an affliction that could have disqualified him from taking the planned flight.

Former NASA official Lori Garver is also vying for the opportunity to take the flight and has spent weeks preparing for the mission along with Bass. Both have had to pass grueling tests to qualify for the mission, in addition to being examined by 48 doctors at Russia’s space medicine center, the Institute for Medical and Biological Problems.

Bass will also have to learn Russian before he can land a seat on the rocket, but he says he is looking forward to it. He also added that his ‘N Sync band mates have been very supportive of the endeavor and that the October flight will fit the band’s busy schedule perfectly.

If all goes according to plan, Bass could become the third space tourist to blast off; previous space tourists Mark Shuttleworth and Dennis Tito both shelled out $20 million for their weeklong trips. Bass did not comment on the financial details of his bid when speaking to reporters in Moscow.