Lance Bass: ‘I knew I was gay when I was five’

Former ‘N Sync star Lance Bass knew he was gay when he was five. The pop star-turned-radio and TV personality shocked fans when he ‘came out’ to People magazine in 2006, but he reveals he knew he wasn’t like all the other boys when he was just a kid.
The Bye Bye Bye singer says, “You just knew that you were attracted to the same sex and also, at age five, you knew there was something wrong with that… in the 80s, anywhere you lived, it was considered wrong.”
He hid his sexuality throughout his adolescence and eventually came out to members of his family when he was 21, admitting, “It was hard, but once I ripped the Band-Aid off it was incredible.”
And then he had to reveal all to his ‘N SYNC bandmates after Joey Fatone walked in on him fooling around with a boyfriend.
Bass tells Access Hollywood, “Joey was the first one that found out… Joey walked in on me with the guy I was dating just kinda sitting on my lap, and straight guys don’t do that… He was like, ‘Dude, I don’t care’. It was such a relief… It was a few months after before I told the guys. I don’t think anyone was surprised.
“(Hiding) it was depressing, for sure, because there was a huge part of your life that you were hiding… All the other guys got to go home to their girlfriends on our vacations and I didn’t get to do that.”
Bass is now engaged to wed longtime partner Michael Turchin.