Lara & Jack Still 2Gether?

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle can’t seem to resist Jack Nicholson‘s star wattage.

After allegedly dumping the Oscar-winning actor last month, Boyle appeared solo at the Emmy Awards and was seen mingling with Bruce Willis at a post-party.

But her interview in Talk magazine’s November issue returns the couple to shaky but on-again status.

“He’s the chief, right?” says the reed-thin star of “The Practice.” “What else is there to say? It’s not bad sleeping with Einstein [her nickname for Nicholson].”

Boyle goes on to gush even less convincingly. “I’m in love with love. … I mean, you hit a certain point when why would you spend a certain amount of time with somebody if you weren’t?”

Why indeed. And you thought Hollywood stars were superficial.