Larry David Swears on Live TV

Larry David Swears on Live TV


Comedian Larry David apologized to viewers of Today on Wednesday (27Sep17) after accidentally swearing live on air.

The star was promoting the return of his hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm when he let slip an expletive, after the balding funnyman was asked for his opinion on a recent University of Pennsylvania research study, which suggested bald men are perceived by ladies to be “more attractive, confident, and dominant” than their hairy counterparts”.

“What a crock of s**t!” Larry exclaimed, much to interviewer Matt Lauer’s amusement.

Realising his blunder, he said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It (the study) was so stupid that I had to say it! The stupidity had to be met with something like that. That’s the only way I could deal (with it). Believe me, as a bald man, there’s not a word of truth to any of that!”

He apologized again after learning viewers on the East Coast had heard the interview uncensored, but then continued to court controversy by taking the chat in a different direction, making comments about his sexual appetite.

“It’s impossible, how could that be?,” he commented on the study, before adding, “But I have heard that we (bald men) do have more testosterone (virility)… so there you go, so maybe. ‘Cause I’m an animal, sexually. An animal, even at 70. I’ll go against a guy with hair in bed any day of the week!”