Larry Hagman’s son attacks Emmys bosses over photo clip

Late Dallas star Larry Hagman’s son has joined the list of Emmys Awards In Memoriam critics, insisting producers should have kept his dead dad’s photo on the screen longer. Preston Hagman was far from impressed by the three seconds Emmys bosses dedicated to his father, considering Glee star Cory Monteith received one of five special tributes during the ceremony.
Hagman, who died from complications of cancer last November (12), was grouped together with other dead stars, including Andy Williams, Jack Klugman, Annette Funicello and Dennis Farina, as part of the Emmys In Memoriam photo montage.
The late Dallas star’s son tells Entertainment Tonight, “I think three seconds was short. I think all of them were short. If you are going to honour them (In Memoriam recipients), honour them with the respect and dignity that they portrayed. Do it for everyone.
“These are very talented people. The actors that they’re honouring have done so much for the industry… If you’re going to respect and recognise them, then do it correctly.”
He wasn’t the only one upset by the Emmys brief tribute to Hagman – his Dallas co-star Jesse Metcalfe also felt the veteran star should have been given a better tribute.
He says, “I certainly thought that Larry Hagman should have had a special tribute in that five that were honoured. I mean… he’s an iconic TV actor and not many people have made a character as famous as he did, so I thought he was sort of passed over a bit… I just wanted to see a friend and someone who deserved to be honoured get honoured.”
Klugman’s son Adam took aim at the Emmys bosses before the awards show, insisting his father deserved the spot that was given to Monteith, who died from a drug and alcohol overdose in July (13).
He told the Associated Press, “It’s an insult, and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture that has an extremely short attention span and panders to only a very narrow demographic. What about the people who should be introduced to somebody like my father? I don’t mean to say anything disparaging about Cory, but he was a kid who had won no Emmys, and it was a self-induced tragedy.”