Lauer rapped

A Salt Lake City newspaper columnist has sharply rapped Today show host Matt Lauer for his handling of an interview with Utah bigamist Tom Green on Monday’s telecast. Scott Pierce, the TV writer for the Deseret News, particularly objected to Lauer‘s description of Green as a Mormon from Utah. “Even the most cursory research would have told the interviewer that polygamy was outlawed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1890 and that Green had been excommunicated by the ‘Mormon’ church,” Pierce wrote. Brink Chipman, news director of KSL, the NBC affiliate where Green was interviewed, said that the station had received dozens of phone calls and emails criticizing Lauer. Chipman said that the station itself was “shocked” by Lauer‘s questions. “I guess what you don’t expect are those kinds of gross mistakes in the context of the interviews,” Chipman told the newspaper.