Laurence Fox and Jack Huston both battling broken ribs on stage

British actors Laurence Fox and Jack Huston are both battling cracked ribs during their stint on the London stage in an adaptation of Strangers On A Train. The injuries are reportedly proving tricky for the pair as they have to stage a physical fight scene in the play, based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith, which was turned into a thrilling 1951 movie by Alfred Hitchcock.
The show’s co-producer Michael Rose tells Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper, “Laurence got his because he had a chest infection and coughed so much that he cracked a rib. Jack… I couldn’t get to the bottom of how he did that. Perhaps because of the physical exertion of the show.”
A spokesperson for the show was also unable to ascertain how Huston broke his rib.