Law & Order: SVU filming shut down after Occupy protesters storm set

Crew and castmembers were shooting an upcoming episode about the Occupy Wall Street movement just after midnight when over 100 angered activists arrived at Manhattan’s Foley Square, where TV producers had erected a replica base camp to feature on the show, which stars Mariska Hargitay.

The disruption by demonstrators, who roamed the set and inspected the extras, signs and make-shift tents intended to mimic their previous camp site at Zuccotti Park, prompted producers to call in the police.

Cops arrived on the scene to disperse the crowd as members of the production team moved to dismantle the props.

Activist Tammy Schapiro tells the New York Daily News, “We made it so that they could not exploit us and that’s awesome.”

The Occupy Wall Street movement began in the Big Apple in September (11) in a bid to end corporate greed, and it has since spread to cities across the world.