Lawson recall near-death tour bus horror

British pop rockers Lawson came close to losing two bandmembers and a roadie when the door of their tour bus unexpectedly opened while they were speeding down a motorway. Frontman Andy Brown and guitarist Joel Pleat were standing near the coach door with a member of the band’s tour crew when the opening mechanism was accidentally pressed, leaving them in danger of being sucked out of the gap and onto the road.
Speaking to the In:Demand radio show at Britain’s Isle of Wight Festival, Brown says, “There was a near death experience… The guy who was doing our monitors at the time leant against the (bus) door… This must be a fault with the bus, as we were going sixty or seventy miles an hour down the motorway, he accidentally hit the open door button and the door behind him started to open as he started to fall. I don’t know how he did it, he just corrected it and was like, ‘No!'”
Pleat adds, “You know like that bit in Alien (sci-fi movie Alien Resurrection)? When Sigourney Weaver smashed the window and the alien gets suck out? The alien was me, it was trying to pull me out the door, I didn’t like it, I was afraid. It was a bad day.”
Brown concludes, “He was holding onto a pole; I was the one stood by the door. It was a terrifying thing.”