LeAnn’s Dad Sues His Famous Daughter

Wilbur Rimes, father to country-singing superstar LeAnn Rimes, isn’t taking his daughter’s lawsuit against him lying down. Her dad, who was at one time her producer and manager, is firing back with a suit of his own. And what he’s saying about his young daughter isn’t pretty.

Wilbur Rimes filed a counter suit against his 18-year-old daughter in response to the singer’s suit, which claims he fleeced her out of millions of dollars while he managed her career, according to Inside.com. In his counter suit filed in Dallas late last month, Rimes claims the singer spent tens of thousands of dollars on fellow singer Bryan White after she became romantically involved with at when she was 15 years old.

The suit also claims that although her record company bought her a new BMW, LeAnn spent $150,000 on a new Ferrari for another boyfriend, Andrew Keegan, which he wrecked, then went out to spend another $350,000 on a Bentley for herself.

The suit also contends that when she was 16, the singer moved in with Keegan, then 20, despite a court order prohibiting her from living with “unrelated adult males.” Other accusations in the suit say that LeAnn also allegedly paid Keegan’s mother $10,000 every time she styled the singer’s hair.

LeAnn’s lawyer, J. Cary Gray, responded to the suit in USA Today saying: “The document that Mr. Rimes filed is so full of false and misleading statements that are totally unrelated to this case … that the only reason he could possibly have filed this lawsuit is to humiliate his daughter so much that she would let him get away with this outrageous behavior.”