Lee Brice forced to seek cover from tornado after concert

Country star Lee Brice was forced to seek cover in Georgia last week (13Jun13) after a tornado touched down in Kennesaw, just minutes after his outdoor concert there. The A Woman Like You hitmaker was performing in the parking lot of the Carl Black Chevrolet auto dealership on 13 June (13), when the National Weather Service issued a severe storm warning following reports a twister had been spotted in the area.
Brice, who had just wrapped up his gig, sought shelter with a group of lucky fans inside the building and signed autographs for the devotees as they waited for the high winds to pass.
The event was sponsored by local radio station Kicks 101.5, and a post on the channel’s Twitter.com account reads, “Those fans left joined Lee Brice in the ‘duck and cover’ position in the hallway inside Carl Black and he continued to sign autographs for fans. He was a true sport.”
Fortunately no one was injured, though much of Brice’s equipment was destroyed.