Lee Ryan blasts badger cull

British pop star Lee Ryan has warned U.K. officials to scale back a cull of wild badgers, insisting humanity will pay for trying to control nature. Environment chiefs in the U.K. ordered a mass killing of the animals amid fears of a bovine TB epidemic but the plan has caused outrage among campaigners, including Queen rocker Brian May.
Now Blue star Ryan has waded into the debate, posting a series of hard-hitting messages on Twitter.com and accusing politicians of messing with nature.
He writes, “I f**king hate the human race!! Karma is a b**ch and us wiping out badgers is just murder! I hate everyone who thinks it’s right! F**k you. One day we are gonna get struck down by god with (a) nasty f**king virus & be slaughtered by human nature like we slaughter her children. Idiots.
“One day when Mother Nature wipes out the human race we will wonder why? The human race is arrogant, ignorant and selfish… We are killing ourselves really. Wish people would wake up!!! I think the human race has such greatness in us but we are so misguided. We are killing all nature, but were (sic) really killing ourselves.”