Lenny Kravitz’s grandfather taught him about life during gardening sessions

Rocker-turned-actor Lenny Kravitz has credited his grandfather’s early morning visits for giving him the drive to see projects through. The wise old man would drip water on the star’s forehead to wake him up and then insist on a spot of dawn gardening.
In a new TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will air in America on Sunday (02Jun13), the Let Love Rule singer recalls, “He would come up to the house at 5am, before school… I would awaken to water droplets coming down on my head.
“I would wake up and here was this man standing over me with this water thing: ‘Good morning grandpa, what’s up?’ ‘I want you to put your clothes on and meet me in the backyard.’
“There was no back talking. Get to the backyard (and he’d say), ‘OK, I want you to go over to that tree, and you see that tree needs pruning I want you to… cut the branches… and pile them up.
“Then, it would be about chopping the wood, making the piles of the different sizes of wood. Stringing them up, getting them all together, dragging them one by one back up the hill to the front of the house. And I would say to him, ‘Why are you making me do this?… We could have somebody come do this, why am I doing this?’
“He would say to me, ‘Because I need you to understand follow through. Completing each step to get the result that you’re looking for.’
“It drove me crazy but it was wonderful. And, you know, between that and the experience (I had) in the choir, I knew how to accomplish things. I knew how to take the steps. And that has turned me into an incredibly driven individual.”