Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba end feud

British stars Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba have ended their long-running feud after appearing on a U.K . chat show together.
Idris and Liam, both, 45, fell out in 2013 after the actor messed up the former Oasis singer’s hair at the NME Awards in London.
The rocker responded by stealing Idris’ hat and throwing it away, and the pair were reportedly still on bad terms when they attended the GQ Awards last month (Sep17),
However, the feuding stars made up when appearing as guests on The Graham Norton Show.
“Me and Liam have squared it away,” Idris told Graham. “We had a falling out. He threw my hat across the bar.”
Playing down their feud Liam added, “We only fell out for 10 minutes”, before Idris said, “He threw my hat across the bar.”
Explaining the reason they fell out Idris said, “I gave him a hug and he didn’t like that ‘cos he loves his hair. He took my hat off and threw it across the bar so we had a bit of a thing. We’re all good now.”
And the rock star agreed, saying, “Yep we are all good now.”
The pair were reportedly less friendly at the GQ Awards. At the event Idris told British newspaper The Sun that he thought Liam wanted to “fight” him.
An onlooker even claimed they took steps to avoid each other at the ceremony, saying, “They were trying to distance themselves. They were on opposite sides of the room and avoided contact. Neither wanted a run-in, especially as the reason for their row is so silly.”
Liam also has a long-running feud with his brother Noel, a dispute which in 2009 broke up their band Oasis.
With a reunion unlikely, the rocker has embarked on a solo career and released his debut album, As You Were on Friday (06Oct17).