Liam Gallagher given three weeks to negotiate lovechild settlement

Rocker Liam Gallagher has been given three weeks to agree a child support settlement with the mother of his lovechild. The former Oasis star split from his singer wife Nicole Appleton last year (13) after it emerged he had fathered a daughter, Gemma, with U.S. journalist Liza Ghorbani, who he met when she interviewed him for a story.
The pair appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court in New York City on Monday (05May14) for a child support hearing, and Justice Laura Drager ordered them to continue negotiations and come up with a settlement agreement within three weeks or face a full-blown court battle.
Judge Drager said, “In the hope that you folks will be able to reach a settlement, I will give your attorneys three weeks to see if that can be resolved.”
Gallagher agreed to continue to pay temporary support until the matter is settled.
The 41 year old, who has four children by four women, admitted adultery during a divorce hearing from Appleton last month (Apr14). The couple wed in 2008 after dating for eight years.