Liam Gallagher: ‘Idris Elba caused fight by messing up my hair’

British rocker Liam Gallagher has gone public with his side of the story following his clash with Idris Elba at the NME Awards in London in February (13), insisting the actor caused the altercation by messing up his hair. The former Oasis frontman was said to have confronted The Wire star and snatched his woollen hat at the ceremony, but Gallagher maintains Elba was to blame for the bust-up.
He tells Britain’s The Sun, “I didn’t steal Idris’ hat, or grab it. I don’t go grabbing anyone. He messed my f**king hair up, so I pulled his hat off and booted it across the room, and that’s it.”
When asked if he felt intimidated by Elba, Gallagher ranted, “I don’t give a f**k. I didn’t know who he was. I still don’t know who he is and I don’t give a f**k who he is. You don’t touch a man’s haircut, man, especially if you’ve got a red bobbly (sic) hat on. So let’s get that one straight. He f**ked my hair up – so the hat got it.”
Elba previously quipped that Gallagher started the fight because he wasn’t a fan of the beanie, joking, “It was a good hat, man. I guess he just took against it (sic). He must have thought it looked silly, because he tried to grab it.”