Liam Gallagher’s formerly estranged daughter has ‘no anger’ towards rocker

Liam Gallagher’s 21-year-old lovechild is adamant she bears no ill will towards the rocker after meeting him for the first time last year (18).
Molly Moorish was conceived during an affair between then-married Wonderwall star and singer Lisa Moorish, who previously served as the frontwoman for the band Kill City, but Gallagher never tried to build a relationship with his daughter until 2018, when he brought three of his four kids together for a family meeting backstage at one of his shows.
He recently revealed he had penned a touching track for Molly, titled Now That I’ve Found You, which will feature on his upcoming second solo album, Why Me? Why Not, and now his daughter has opened up about connecting with her once-estranged father.
“I don’t have any anger. I’m 21 now,” she told Britain’s The Sunday Times Magazine in a joint interview with the former Oasis singer. “I’m actually thankful for how I was brought up with my mum and how my life’s been…
“It’s all happened the way it was meant to happen. We just got on and I’m happy to have him now.”
Gallagher admits he harbours some regrets about not trying to meet Molly sooner, but he is thrilled to have the opportunity to get to know his eldest child.
He also remembered the day they ended their estrangement, revealing it was an emotional, drunken meeting.
“Me and Molly met in a pub across the road… (We) got really drunk and that was really good…,” Gallagher shared. “There were tears and all that…”
“It’s a shame it didn’t happen earlier, but you can’t live in the past – you just have to draw the line and get stuck in with some super love going forward,” he added.
Meanwhile, Gallagher reveals he hopes to one day meet his fourth kid, a six-year-old daughter named Gemma, who was born following a fling with New York-based writer Liza Ghorbani.
Asked if he plans to reach out to Gemma, he replied, “Yeah, I mean, I guess so. It’ll just have to happen naturally.”
Gallagher is also dad to sons Lennon, 19, from his first marriage to British actress Patsy Kensit, and 17-year-old Gene, whose mother is his second wife Nicole Appleton.